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How the right T-shirt can upgrade your style from drab to fab

January 6, 2022 5:06 am


T-shirts are wardrobe essentials for their versatility and the way they can so easily shift fashion gears to suit a multitude of different occasions. Simply switching t-shirts can offer an immediate style lift, making it super-simple to look amazing whatever the occasion and wherever you happen to be.

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Classic chic

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Moving up in the style stakes doesn’t have to mean becoming a slave to fashion. Instead, it can simply mean switching up your wardrobe staples to include one or two quality t-shirts that can instantly uplift an outfit. A great piece from the mens Ralph Lauren T shirts collection, from the likes of EJ Menswear collection, for example, can be teamed with lower quality fashion items or your favourite pair of jeans to create an overall look that is brimming with quality and class. Don’t be afraid of slightly higher price tags, either. Yes, quality tees will cost more but the return on your investment can be huge, both on your pocket and your appearance. High-end tees can quite literally last for years, unlike their cheap, shapeless counterparts.

Be bold

T-shirts are also a great way of adding colour to otherwise neutral outfits, and the beauty of this is that you can be as bold as you dare to be. Perhaps you like the idea of a bright red t-shirt to contrast with dark denims and reflect current fashion trends? If that’s not your style, then just a simple baby blue or hint of lemon can add a freshness to your outfit, without feeling like you’ve taken too much of a fashion plunge. Find out what your favourite clothing colour choices say about you on the BBC website at https://www.bbc.com/worklife/article/20140827-the-psychology-of-tie-colours.

Have your say

Motif and statement t-shirts are a great way to add personality to any outfit. Choose shirts that truly say something about you and use them to personalise anything from a jeans and bomber outfit to a casual office suit. They don’t need to be too outlandish, either. There are many quality examples that manage to convey an individual style without being crass or coarse. If you do decide to go for something a little more risqué, however, just make sure that your choice is appropriate for wherever you are going to be wearing it. Emblazoned swear words are not going to go down well for parents’ evening at school, for example.

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