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Making Sure that your Home is Comfortable for your Cat

January 12, 2022 5:41 am


Many people would agree that a home is never really a home without a cat in it! If you have a cat or are hoping to add one to your home in the future, there are plenty of things that you can make sure you have in the home to make life comfortable and happy for your four-legged friend.

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Cats are naturally solitary creatures, but this doesn’t mean that it wont work having two or even multiple cats – indeed, some cats that are adopted as adults are often bonded pairs, so they actually enjoy one another’s company. If you want a successful pair of cats in residence, cat rescue centres often will be on the lookout for homes for bonded adult cats.

Something to be aware of when making sure that your home is right for cats is safety. As the old saying goes, curiosity killed the cat, and as naturally curious creatures, it is important that you reduce the risk in the home environment for your cats. Kittens in particular are renowned for getting into scrapes.

Cables and wires are tempting for cats to chew, so make sure that cats are not able to gain access to them. Use wire protectors to keep them safe and out of the way. Ingesting something toxic is another common household danger to cats, and it is important to be aware of the things that can harm them. You can find a good list of common household toxins here.

Being warm and comfortable is something else that cats like – whether a sunny spot on the window ledge or snuggled up on the bed, a cat will seek out a warm and cosy space to rest in. Make sure that your home is warm and comfortable. If you are keeping your cat to one room when you first bring him or her home, then ensure that room is warm enough –this electric underfloor heating Gloucestershire based installer will be able to add some heat to your home via the floors, which both you and your cat will love – no more cold feet!

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You also need to consider whether your cat will be living solely indoors or will have access to the outside. If your cat will be going outside, consider how you can keep it safe. A ‘catio’ or cat proofing the garden is a great way to let a cat out of doors without them falling foul of the increasing traffic on the roads, as well as the other hazards that free roaming cats might well encounter.

Provide plenty of toys and games for your cat to enjoy, and also be aware that cats often want to be up high, hide away and have natural behaviours such as scratching – so making sure that you have things like towers and scratch posts will provide a comfortable environment for your cat to enjoy.

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