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Renovating v moving: the advantages and disadvantages

December 6, 2021 12:47 pm


Renovating an existing home or moving to a new property is perhaps one of the hardest decisions you will make; after all, this can determine your future unless you stay in the same area – where you work, who you socialise with, and where you go out for meals and drinks.


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A renovation project will cost less than a new home

A renovation project that gives you extra space, such as a loft conversion, will not hit your finances as hard as a new home. There are so many hidden costs in a home move that some people prefer to renovate rather than relocate. A renovation project can be affordable, as you can work on the property one room at a time. This enables you to control how much you spend step by step.

You will remain in your local area

The good part of renovating is that it enables you to keep your neighbours and for your children to stay in their schools. If you have only lived in one home in your adult life, you will know your area well. If your neighbours are helpful and you have most conveniences on your doorstep, it makes sense to stay. If you relocate, you may have to leave your job and your children may have to leave their friends or clubs.

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Time for new beginnings

It is not always practical to update your home. If a growing family means you require more bedrooms, for example, the best option can be to relocate. You may benefit from better neighbours, a smarter area, better schools, and a more central location for amenities and work.

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Decide what suits you

When it comes to moving or renovating, it is important to weigh up the pros and cons. Sometimes the decision will be made for you, such as when you need more space but have no room to extend; other times, reaching the right decision be more difficult.

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