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Hiring a live-in carer

April 22, 2020 2:15 pm


Hiring through a recognised agency

Some agencies provide live in caregivers and this option offers an alternative to the time-consuming effort of hiring independently. This process is often easier and more cost effective.

The advantage of using an introduction service is that the carer has been inspected and deemed suitable by the agency. Such carers are usually self-employed and therefore organise their own tax and National Insurance arrangements.

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Hiring an agency employed carer

The easiest, most convenient and safest option is to hire a carer employed by a leading care provider who is regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC). The agency is solely responsible for the inspection, training and management of carers and legal obligations related to their work. For more information on hiring Live in Carers, visit a site like Liveincare.com, leading providing of Live in Carers.

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Hiring independently

Another option is to independently find and hire your own carer or have a friend or relative to do this on your behalf.

While many prefer this option for the freedom to choose the most suitable caregiver, it should be remembered that the person hiring is effectively the employer and thus bound by the same legal obligations as any other employer.

It is important that anyone hiring a live in carer conducts in-depth interviews, obtains references and a Criminal Records Bureau check.


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