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The dark secret of Lilies

October 27, 2020 1:58 pm


A beautiful bouquet of flowers featuring lilies sounds perfectly splendid but be aware of the yellow pollen it contains! Not only can the pollen be a sneezing hazard for those with hay fever allergies (absolutely tragic), it can permanently stain fabrics such as upholstery and carpet. These stains can be notoriously difficulty to remove if not treated quickly and effectively. The first and most important tip is not to touch the pollen directly as natural oils emanating from the hands can make it even more difficult to eradicate.

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When encountering pollen stains on carpets and attempting to wipe away, there can be an imminent feeling of panic; similar to the dreaded spilling of red wine or soot stains from chimney’s especially on light coloured carpets. One’s first thought maybe to rush to use household carpet cleaning products and spray away in an attempt to recover the previous glorious colour and then realise that carpet cleaning Leamington Spa companies such as Back 2 Basics maybe the only viable solution.

The first step of treating yellow pollen stains as mentioned previously is to ensure that bodily contact is not made, this will avoid the pollen from being pushed in further and from staining deeper, in addition it will minimise the area affected. The pollen should be removed from the afflicted area as a matter of urgency, this can be achieved using sticky tape to lift the pollen away from the carpet or alternatively using a vacuum cleaner to detach the pollen particles.

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