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The life of a Solicitor.

September 24, 2020 10:48 am


It’s quite a busy life being a Solicitor. There is always something coming through the door that needs doing. But, what is it that Solicitors get to do? What does the job involve? You could go to Go to Dee and Griffin Gloucester Solicitors to see or you could have a quick read of this article. One thing is for sure Gloucester Solicitors are some of the best and they are at the forefront.

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The job role of solicitor falls into several categories. These are;

  1. They give and provide legal advice to clients. They are the first point of contact that people seeking the use of the courts go to. This can be for a variety of legal purposes. These include divorce, the acquiring of power of attorney and conveyancing for house sale and purchase.

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  1. Solicitors are also responsible for the drafting, checking of legal documents. These can be for a variety of legal scenarios. For the most part they are documents related to house purchases such as the drawing up of deeds etc, but there are other pieces that need attention such as those to be used in court.
  2. Researching a case. The law in the UK stretches back centuries and it may be that some arcane ruling may well have a bearing on a case. It is the role of the solicitor to find it or to be able to wade through past cases to prepare for a new one.
  3. The Solicitor is also required to meet with clients. They will be the person who builds a relationship with the client and the people that the barrister is going to represent in court.
  4. Increasingly the Solicitor may act as an advocate for a client instead of a barrister but this is still very rare.
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