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Can the more mature man still wear jeans?

September 6, 2021 3:13 pm


Jeans are arguably the most widely embraced and worn item of clothing, but should the more mature man bid farewell to his faithful jeans and stick to safer cords or chinos?

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Men can still wear jeans in their 40s, 50s and beyond, but they may need to bid goodbye to the jeans of their 20s and 30s and shop with a new mindset as they mature. Follow this guide to get it right.

Choose the right style

Skinny jeans should be left to teenagers and 20-somethings; instead, men aged over 40 should opt for straight leg jeans with stretch. This classic fit works for most, regardless of size or shape. Straight cut jeans give a great silhouette without unflattering bulges.

Avoid fads

Acid wash jeans may be all the rage, but more mature men should leave these to the younger folk. The same applies to ripped, stonewashed and white jeans. Stick to indigo or darker denim once you pass your 40s, which always looks classic and stylish. Invest in high-quality classic styles such as Tommy Hilfiger jeans for men. If you shop with these tips in mind, you will find a pair of mens Tommy Hilfiger jeans that are perfect for you.

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Buy the right size

They may have fit you 20 years ago, but don’t try to squeeze yourself into your old faithful jeans. Make sure you get your waist measured properly – around the middle, and don’t breathe in! – and buy the right size. Avoid muffin tops and overhanging bellies at all costs.

Tone it down up top

Avoid big hoodies, branded tops and T-shirts with quirky slogans with your jeans; instead, dressing more ‘smart casual’ will make you look like you have your life sorted. Keep it classy with smart shirts and jumpers, plainer T-shirts, and a great pair of boots or shoes. This will keep you wearing your jeans past 53 which, according to the Daily Mail, is the suggested age men become ‘too old’ for denim.


Elevate your look by teaming your jeans with some well-thought-out and good quality classic accessories. Consider a timeless watch, belt, hat, scarf or cufflinks – something enduring that you can reach for year after year.

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