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How to keep your children entertained safely in your garden

February 24, 2022 2:27 pm


Most children love climbing and if you have enough outdoor space at home, then you might want to add outdoor climbing equipment for your children to use. Here we look at what to consider before you embark on purchasing such equipment.

According to ROSPA, there are 40,000 injuries to children every year caused by using equipment on play areas. This means that many parents may prefer for children to play on equipment in their back garden, however there are several things to consider.

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Sufficient Space

It is vital to measure the space and ensure that it is sufficient for the piece of equipment you have chosen. Ideally the climbing frame should be at least 1.5m smaller than the area where you want to put it, so there will be enough room for children to play safely.

Level Surface

The surface for the play equipment should be as level as possible. If your garden is not totally flat then the legs should definitely be on a flat surface.

Free from Debris

The area should be free from plants, shrubs and long grass. These can impact on play and be a potential hazard.


You need to think about what you will have on the ground underneath. This could be bark chippings or rubber, but definitely not concrete!


Try and ensure your equipment is visible from your house, so you can see what’s going on. It is also a good idea to have it away from neighbouring property if possible.

Access for Delivery

Delivery men being unable to access your property with your equipment is the last thing you will need if you have done all the other necessary preparations, so make sure there is clear access to your back garden.

Age is no bar to outdoor play equipment and it is possible to buy climbing frames for older children as well as adventurous adults.

It is important, therefore, to consider the size of the structure compared to the size of your garden as well as other safety aspects.

It won’t be anything like building or buying your own home where you’ll require a conveyancing quote from businesses like Sam Conveyancing.  It’ll be as easy as think about dimensions, practicality, buy the product and build (or even easier employ someone to do it all)

Simply if you follow the tips above, then your children should be able to play in your garden, safe and sound, for many years.

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