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Creating the Perfect Cottage Garden to Enjoy all Summer

July 27, 2022 5:58 am


Cottagecore is a style that has been taking off for the past few years in homes all over the UK. This trend, that takes inspiration from a simpler time, combined with a modern twist, has undoubtedly made its way out of the home and into the garden, where many people are now keen to replicate that wild and charming look of an English cottage garden.

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One of the first things to remember when trying to get this style for your garden, is that if it is too neat and tidy, it is not going to work. Cottage gardens are traditionally a little wild and haphazard looking, albeit very well cared for.

Choosing plants to suit the garden is your first challenge. There are many plants that we associate with traditional countryside gardens, here are a few…

Hollyhock – These brightly coloured flowers are easy to grow, and a great addition to a cottage garden. They grow in tall spires, so are best suited to the back of a flower bed where they tower up over other smaller flowers.

Foxglove – These striking plants are traditionally found in woodlands in the UK and so are great for putting in shady areas. Although they are loved by bees, care should be taken not to ingest any part of the plant, as it contains the toxin digitalis, which can be fatal if consumed.

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Roses – Probably the plant most associated with an English country garden. Roses are beautiful and can be acquired in a wide range of colours. As well as this, there are many types of roses, from patio roses that do well in pots, to climbing roses that look beautiful over arches and creeping up a trellis.

As well as these, native British wildflowers not only suit the style but are also essential for the survival of many insects, such as bees and many species of butterfly, so these are also great to have in abundance.

Plants are one of the parts of a cottage garden, but decorations can also be added – from a wildlife sculpture like this https://www.gillparker.com/ to traditional garden decorative touches like a sundial, or an ornamental birdbath.

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