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Vitamins you Need to Include in a Vegan Diet

October 19, 2020 3:47 pm


Being a vegan has never been easier – with the benefits to health as well as to the planet being two of the main reasons for the popularity surge of following a vegan diet, it is now really simple to find a wide range of vegan foods  -from supermarkets to restaurants, it is even possible nowadays to find vegan bodybuilding meals such as these https://www.vivolife.co.uk/blogs/recipes/11-unusual-and-delicious-vegan-bodybuilding-recipes so it is possible for anyone to be a vegan.

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One of the main things that people who turn to a vegan diet to need to ensure is that they are getting all of their required vitamins and minerals – if you have been used to eating meat and dairy all of your life, you should makes sure that you are replacing the vitamins that you can’t get from these things with vegan alternatives.


Here are a few ways that you can replace some essential parts of your diet…


Vitamin D – This is currently big news as studies have shown that vitamin D is believed to give you a better chance of fighting off Covid-19. As well as this, you need it for healthy bones. Here are some vegan friendly ways to get vitamin D

Dried fruit – Including Raisins, Sultanas and Apricots

Some Green Vegetables – Broccoli and Cabbage

Sunlight – Getting some sunlight on your skin is a great way of getting Vitamin D

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Iron – Mostly found in meat, this is something that needs to be replaced when eating a vegan diet – it is how your body produces healthy red blood cells. Here are some vegan friendly iron rich foods


Some Vegetables – Including Broccoli and Watercress

Cereals – Choose cereals that have been fortified with iron

Some Dried Fruits – Prunes and Figs

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